Tea Ranks


5/5: A truly delicious blend great for cozy evenings by the fire. Well-balanced and perfect just as it is, these brews are the best of the best.


4/5: These tasty brews are great for a cold day or an early morning. Tasty with or without additives, they are among the best brews available.


3/5: Better than average, these teas make great replacements when other blends are not available.


2/5: Generic or uninteresting, these teas can be an acceptable substitute on particularly cold winter days when you just want something warm and mildly pleasant to imbibe.


1/5: These teas are barely worth drinking unless you are desperate for warmth or liquids of any kind.


0/5: Bitter or nearly flavourless, these teas aren’t worth the bother of steeping. Stick to water instead.