23 Dec

Eggnog | 24 Days of Tea: Day 23

Eggnog - 24 Days of Tea Day 23We’re pretty strict about certain holiday traditions. Especially the delicious ones. So it should come as no surprise that we insist on sipping eggnog at every festive occasion. All things considered, it’s almost crazy that it took us this long to find the perfect eggnog tea. But trust us, this rich and creamy rooibos blend was definitely worth the wait. With white chocolate, mini meringues and a hint of nutmeg, it’s a brand new tradition we can’t believe we ever went without.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
green rooibos & white chocolate
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 96°C for 4 minutes



The subtle aroma of this blend is full of bright green rooibos and a sweet creaminess. A hint of vanilla and nutmeg come through but the overall affect is fairly mild.


Eggnog’s flavour is just a tad too heavily weighted in the nutmeg department for my tastes. However, the fresh green rooibos backbone is lovely and mellow with subtle white chocolate notes and a nice creaminess. Overall its not a bad blend but I have a suspicion it would be better as a latte.