04 Dec

Pink Flamingo | 24 Days of Tea: Day 4

Pink Flamingo - 24 Days of Tea Day 4Ready for spring break? Try this sweet, citrusy cocktail of oranges, tangerines and lemongrass. It’s got hibiscus and beetroot to turn it a natural shade of hot pink, plus blackberry leaves for a sunny burst of Vitamin C, apple and carrot for extra sweetness, and eucalyptus leaves for kick. Sound irresistible? Try it iced. In a martini glass. With a splash each of cointreau and gin. And a paper umbrella. Caffeine-free.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
hibiscus & tangerine
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 96°C for 4-7 minutes



Pink Flamingo has a great aroma with a rich tangerine and orange presence complimented by some grapefruit and other tropical citrus scents. Sweet, floral notes of hisbiscus and orchid are also strongly represented while the hints of lemongrass and blackberry aromas play an excellent backdrop.


The flavour of this tea is, in my opinion, a touch disappointing (at 4 minutes at least) compared to the rich aroma but it is nicely citrusy and a bit sweet. The light floral presence adds interest to the brew while the lemongrass and tart berry backdrop balance the flavour, preventing it from being overly sweet or floral.

I agree with the recommendation to try it iced, it seems like a tea that would make a great mixer. You might need to try a few times to get the steeping time just right, however, as it will likely take a rather more concentrated steep than recommended. I think I will save the rest of this one for summer and try it as a teapop, perhaps with a touch of vodka or the gin & cointreau suggested.

note: Having tried it again brewed for 6 minutes instead of 4, it definitely has a stronger flavour that is quite nice and fruity. I highly recommend sticking to the higher end of the suggested brewing time with this one.