12 Jan

Alpine Punch Tea Review

alpine punch_davids teaThis is the kind of tea we imagine they serve in fabulous ski chalets in the Swiss Alps. With apple, cinnamon, ginger and the heady scent of almonds, it’s warm, comforting and totally decadent. What better to sip after a long day of skiing, sledding and snowball fights? Just cozy up in front of the fire and warm up with this sweet, fortifying brew. And if a little splash of brandy makes it in there too, all the better.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
coconut & apples
steeped at
1.5 tsp @ 98°C for 4-7 minutes 



With an aroma dominated by mulled apples and warming spices, this rooibos based tea has a great sweet almond presence with just a hint of coconut. Crisp but sweet and decadent, it is a perfect blend for long winter days by the fire.


Alpine Punch is one of my favourite teas of all time for a few reasons: First, its truly delicious and comforting. Second, it is virtually impossible to over-steep; I have completely forgotten about it for easily 20 minutes or more at points and, as long as it is still hot, it is completely drinkable.

Dominated by warming spices and a strong almond character, it reminds me of a mulled cider mixed with Amaretto. A good rooibos body provides a rich, earthy backbone for the decadent coconut and almond flavours.