14 Dec

Sugar Plum Forest | 24 Days of Tea #14

Sugar Plum Forest - 24 Days of Tea Day 14Whether you’re out sledding or just doing some holiday shopping, there’s no better way to stay warm and cozy than a piping hot mug of tea. And this tartly fruity, lightly spiced blend is the perfect winter companion. Just one sip and you’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. Not to mention apple, hibiscus, ginger and warm winter spices. It’s the perfect shot of warmth on a chilly winter day.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
plum & star anise
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 96°C for 4 minutes



This highly inviting tea has a powerful nose of cinnamon and candied fruit with strong black licorice. Cozy and full of warming winter spice, the aroma alone makes me want to go sledding.


Dominated by licorice flavours, Sugar Plum Forest has a lovely backdrop of candied plums with a light spice character and hints of mulled apples. The flavour lives up to the aroma quite well, much better than many herbal teas. I am not usually a huge fan of licorice but the combination of flavours in this tea make good use of it and it is a great blend for cold days.

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