22 Dec

Sleigh Ride | 24 Days of Tea: Day 22

Sleigh Ride - 24 Days of Tea Day 22Falling snow, popping chestnuts, cold hands and noses…yep, winter has arrived. But don’t worry, we have the perfect tea to warm you up all December long. Cinnamon, apples, raisins, almonds, and hibiscus combine for a tea that is sweet, tart, and earthy. And beet pieces make it as nice and rosy as a caroler’s cheeks. So hop in your sleigh, snuggle up, and pass a thermos around. It’s lovely weather for a Sleigh Ride together.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
apple & hibiscus
steeped at
2 tsp @ 98°C for 5-7 minutes



This herbal tea has a gorgeous spicy and inviting aroma that is very festive. Dominated by cinnamon and warming spices, it also features candied fruit, nuts, and a light floral whiff with some creamy vanilla.


Sleigh Ride’s flavour is much fruitier than the aroma with a lot more apple and raisin. A decent mix of spice gives it a lovely mulled cider quality with just a touch of tartness. A good nut presence tempers the sweetness of the candied fruit while the florals are so subtle they are barely noticed.

Note: I brewed this tea according the directions I found on the 24 Days of Tea box but the directions on the website are a tad different. For one thing, the box only says to use 1.25 tsp which, in retrospect, might be a little small of an amount to have enough of each ingredient to get the full intended effect of this tea. As an herbal blend, it is pretty hard to over steep it so I recommend following the website instructions (above) instead. 

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