24 Dec

Santa’s Secret | 24 Days of Tea: Day 24

Santa's Secret - 24 Days of Tea Day 24Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in just one night? Well here’s the hush-hush formula. He uses a special combination of black tea, peppermint and spices – all sprinkled with real little candy canes. It’s both energizing and remarkably soothing. All Santa needs is one cup and his motto changes from “ho ho ho” to “go go go”.

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
black tea & peppermint
steeped at
1.5 tsp @ 96°C for 4 minutes 



Dominated by strong, sweet peppermint, the aroma of Santa’s Secret has a very inviting black tea backbone with a great hint of warming spices.


The flavour did not come out as strongly as the aroma so I stuck the steeped back in for a bit. The extra steeping brought out some nice peppermint notes that were subtle but sweet and fresh. Unfortunately the spice notes remained fairly understated and the earthy black tea flavour dominated.

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