17 Dec

Peppermint Amour | 24 Days of Tea #17

Peppermint Amour - 24 Days of Tea Day 17Peppermint is said to enhance your dreams. It’s also said to stimulate passion and creativity. Not to mention its fresh, cool flavour and aroma. This peppermint tea is organic, for great taste and good karma. We didn’t want to compromise when each cup has so much potential to enhance your life. (MK Kosher)

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
organic peppermint
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 96°C for 30-40 seconds



Peppermint Amour is, unsurprisingly, dominated by a fresh, soothing peppermint aroma. Entirely un-complex, it is nonetheless highly inviting with a clear, crispness perfect for cold winter mornings.


This tea is almost entirely what you would expect with a light sweetness that does not overwhelm and a soothing, calming and yet invigorating peppermint flavour. Caffeine-free, Peppermint Amour is relaxing without inducing sleepiness making it the perfect cup of tea for any time of day. A touch of this added to less interesting teas is also sure to spruce them up quite effectively, bringing a lovely burst of freshness to almost any blend.

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