09 Dec

Genmaicha | 24 Days of Tea: Day 9

Genmaicha - 24 Days of Tea Day 9Some people call Genmaicha popcorn tea because it contains whole roasted grains of brown rice, some of which have popped. Others call it the Rice Krispie of green teas. Either way, genmaicha was originally drunk by poor Japanese who used the rice as a filler because they couldn’t afford enough tea leaves. It soon became all the rage. Today, everyone is addicted to its sweet, toasted rice flavour. (MK Kosher)

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
roasted brown rice
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 85°C for 3-4 minutes 



This fresh green tea has gorgeous roasted rice scents with a touch of sweetness. Cozy and inviting, it is a fantastical everyday green tea.


Genmaicha does not have an overly complex taste but it is an extremely nice one. Delicious and mildly sweet roasted rice dominates and is buoyed up by a great, light green tea flavour. Great with food or on its own, this is a particularly good blend of this Japanese staple.

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