19 Dec

Cream of Earl Grey | 24 Days of Tea #19

Cream of Earl Grey - 24 Days of Tea Day 19Lovers of Earl Grey adore this creamy alternative to the original blend. You’ll recognize the same high-quality black tea, the same citrus burst of bergamot oil, the same beautiful grey-blue petals. However this version adds a touch of vanilla, and the result is an unexpectedly rich, creamy taste experience. (MK Kosher)

- David’s Tea

featured ingredients
bergamot oil & vanilla
steeped at
1.25 tsp @ 96°C for 4 minutes



The rich, earthy aroma of this tea has a great bergamot presence with light citrus sweetness and just a hint of bitterness. Some floral notes and a bit of vanilla round out the aroma nicely.


A tad bitter, Cream of Earl Grey is a rich and earthy tea with a lovely, lingering bergamot flavour of slightly sweet citrus, almost a tangerine flavour but more bitter. Not usually my favourite type of tea, this blend is quite nice with the additional of the subtle vanilla notes.

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